Deep Learning Analytics was founded in 2013 by Dr. John Kaufhold, a data scientist living in Arlington, VA.  In his last formal role before starting the company, John was investigating deep learning, a technology that would soon catch fire in Silicon Valley and around the world. In the summer of 2013, John decided to leave his Staff Scientist position at NIH to start a technology company of his own. John began working out of his home office, using computers he bought from Goodwill. He worked on several small projects through 2013-2014.
In 2014, Deep Learning Analytics proposed and successfully executed a Department of Defense (DOD) feasibility study using deep learning technology. The government was impressed with the results of the study and subsequently put out a request for bids for a much larger research project.  In 2015, Deep Learning Analytics was awarded a $6M Phase I  contract to perform on the larger project as a prime contractor, out competing significantly larger and more established companies with our innovative solutions, expertise in deep learning, multidisciplinary team and specialized experience.   Click here to read the entire story in the Washington Post.  In 2017, Deep Learning Analytics was selected to perform on Phase II of the project. 

Deep Learning Analytics was acquired by General Dynamics Mission Systems on March 1, 2019.  Click here to read the story.



Deep Learning Analytics is a data analytics company focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers exploit their data. To do this, our team of data scientists and engineers use deep learning technology, which is now the performance leader across an increasing range of artificial intelligence problems, especially for perceptual tasks such as vision, text or speech applications. As a company, we read in a lot of data, use specialized hardware and algorithm's (deep learning) to help people make sense of the data they have.

We specialize in (1) algorithmically extracting patterns from large data sets through machine learning and analytics and (2) deploying those algorithms on very mobile platforms and hardware.

Deep Learning Analytics also has extensive experience in research and the design of experiments. We have conducted trade studies in machine learning methods, codebases and systems. Collectively our team has decades of experience in investigating, implementing, and deploying machine learning, deep learning and predictive analytics solutions in medicine and defense.


Deep Learning Analytics’ prototypes all benefit from established evolutionary commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and open-source technology. The miniaturized high performance computing (HPC) marketplace is sustained by consumer demand for both mobile devices and the Internet of Things. Deep Learning Analytics has niche experience developing specialized deep learning prototypes for image analysis and natural language processing on these devices.



Deep Learning Analytics, now part of General Dynamics Mission Systems, is searching for data scientists and engineers to work in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.  If you have experience with machine learning or deep learning, and are an innovative thinker who can bring new perspectives to our team, send us your resume.

At General Dynamics Mission Systems, we offer a comprehensive benefits program that goes well beyond Medical and Dental coverage. We are fully committed to making your career rewarding in every sense of the word. To learn more about our benefits packages, click here.

As a company, we strive to hire the best and brightest around the country. Each of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of our potential to grow.

Working at DLA, I have the opportunity to not only work with bright and innovative people, but also work on a disruptive state of the art technology.  With guidance and openness, the DLA team has enabled me to learn more about machine learning than I could have ever imagined.

- Dennis


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If your organization has data but doesn’t have the data science or machine learning expertise in house to extract all the value in it, get in touch with us. Machine learning and data science is what we do.

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